Foundation FAQ

Foundation FAQ

The foundation is governed by a board of trustees. The members of the board work alongside foundation chairman Frankie Lowe, and contribute their diverse perspectives, backgrounds and expertise to help guide and strengthen the foundation’s governance and strategic direction.

The foundation works closely with international associations (e.g. OECD, UNESCO), and we share our views and learnings on shared priorities, including global efforts to meet education equity as well as the sustainable development goals.

We make all our investments public in researchable database, and we are transparent about our priorities and strategies. We will also post our audited financial statements and tax returns.

We work with a diverse array of organizations, including governments, nonprofits, for-profits, faith-based groups, civil society organizations, and academic institutions, as well as with many individual experts, to advance our mission.

In the case of private-sector organizations, we work with companies that have experience creating and delivering innovative products and services. When opportunities arise to involve private-sector organizations that would not otherwise participate in making progress toward our charitable objectives and that bring expertise and resources to the table, we seek to create incentives for them to do so—and to take action that does the most good for the most people.

Embedding diversity, equity, and inclusion into the foundation’s practices is the only way we can achieve our mission. We seek to achieve bold, innovative outcomes through increased diversity of talent, equitable practices, and an inclusive culture. As we pursue those outcomes, we must also understand our immense privilege and responsibility and look critically at our own culture and practices to ensure that we are listening and learning.

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