WGT Vegetarian

Original and Natural Fusion Cuisine


A variety from the seasonal menu at the WGT vegetarian restaurant which prides itself on nutritional, ethical food, produced in a sustainable manner.

For the past 17 years, WGT Restaurant has been dedicated to one thing––creating healthy and delicious vegetarian meals for our guests.

WGT believes in the power of natural produce, preparing its meals from fresh vegetables and fruits only.

Free of artificial meat, artificial flavourings or deep-frying, the restaurant creates and offers dishes with their natural flavour and nutrition intact. Inspired by traditional Chinese cuisine, our aim is to serve healthy, tasty food and to cultivate a deeper understanding of food and nutrition in support of a healthy lifestyle.


Commitment to Legacy in Everyday Life

Handwritten Menu:
We invite guests to handwrite seasonal menus with an ink or brush pen. The menus use recycled paper and manual bindings. Each one is unique and full of personality.

Longquan Porcelain:
We serve our dishes on traditional blue and white porcelain produced in Longquan. In ancient times, classic vessels like these were used in royal courts.


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