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The ChinaTown Cultural Center is a Chinese cultural and experience center, established in 2003 in Shanghai and running branches both in China and the UK. It has been a community devoted to sharing the experience of Chinese traditions, and philosophy through hands-on practices. It teaches Chinese culinary art, calligraphy, Tai Chi, meditation, wisdom and culture.

The centre creates positive experiential journeys by presenting authentic Chinese cultural learning opportunities and philosophical discourse. It allows people from different cultural backgrounds to be inspired by traditional Chinese wisdom to lead a healthier and more open lifestyle.

Types of Activities

A chef preparing food for some excited diners at the China Town Cultural Centre
A visitor learning to paint traditional Chinese face masks
Visitors to the China Town Cultural Centre learning about art and traditions


Personal Hobbies

Enjoy all types of immersive and hands-on cultural learning experiences, including:

A room ready to accommodate visitors to the China Town Visitor Centre


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