Frankie Lowe dedicates her life to promoting sustainability, whilst also leading initiatives in creative education and community building.

Rarely do we have a prophet to predict our futures, but sow the right seeds and the harvest will come.

— Frankie Lowe

Once bedridden for two-and-a-half years from age six to eight due to a heart condition, Frankie now travels the world, sharing her vision of a vegetarian lifestyle. She has visited more than 20 cities to spread her sustainability ethos. 

The founder of the first ever cultural centre in Shanghai that instructed foreigners in Chinese philosophy and tradition and culture, Frankie is now actively engaged in introducing creativity education to China from the UK.  

Once thrilled that her organization hit a 500-yuan daily income ––about £50–– she now devotes most of the profit created by her enterprise to support philanthropic initiatives.

Since 2010, Frankie has become a global citizen based in the UK. During that time, she became the Director of International Development at Pate’s Grammar School; a Member of the NGO Committee on Status of Women in New York; a Facilitator of the United Nations World Interfaith Harmony Week; the Chair of the Parents League of Chinese Students In The UK Association, as well as the co-founder of the Global Institute of Creative Thinking, promoting creative education across the world.



Our mind-made walls alone limit our flight, but the curious heart can smell the snow lotus on the farthest mountain.



Frankie Lowe has served as a founder, advocate and community builder for many important projects, bringing the values of education, sustainability, and dynamism to tens of thousands in her home country and beyond.

A guide to the activities available at the Chinatown Cultural Centre
A variety from the seasonal menu at the WGT vegetarian restaurant which prides itself on nutritional, ethical food, produced in a sustainable manner.
Fresh radishes picked from the grounds at W+ House Organic Farm

Frankie Lowe Foundation

What I saw and heard during those two days in August 1998 was the catalyst for my lifelong commitment to education Foundation's Beliefs: Every step taken here, none of them are new ventures. But we firmly believe, the work of sowing seeds is small and great therefore, it is time to act now!

Andrew Barnes leading a group at a session of the Global Initiative of Creative Thinking

Creative thinking in education

Interfaith Harmony

Love Shines is a social initiative calling for improved support and care for children and adolescents suffering with Down's syndrome. Through combined efforts, the philanthropic project aims to empower underprivileged children to build confidence, find passion, and tap into their potential, so that they can lead better, happier lives.

Individuals with special needs

Sustainability in life


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Frankie Lowe with friends in the Gobi Desert, which is the fifth-largest in the world. It covers northern China and southern Mongolia and is the largest desert in Asia. Vegetation is sparse, and the landscape ranges from rocky mountains to flat, arid deserts.

Many have asked Frankie how she manages to do so many things at once.

The answer is simple: at the heart of each of her endeavors, there is passion and a dream. Frankie is all-in to make things happen, with the motto, “Don't lose direction, even if you fail.”


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