Frankie Lowe

Frankie’s family heritage shaped who she is today.

Her father’s family fulfilled their missionary calling by promoting religious teaching and living a life of faith and devotion to helping others. Her mother’s family, who started a successful business from scratch, brought to her not only financial stability but also spiritual security and good fortune. Her grandmother deeply inspired Frankie’s work ethic, tenacity and even her vegetarianism; the memory of her grandmother remain a strong source of strength.

Inspired, energetic and determined, Frankie loves to share her passion about healthy and positive lifestyles with people from all walks of life.

A young Frankie Lowe
Frankie Lowe received her first camera at the age of ten

At the age of 10, Frankie received her first camera.

Looking through the eye of those lenses since then, Frankie found the best ways to convey her thoughts and feelings to the world are via photos and writing.

With these strong passions, she studied Chinese literature, and went on to establish the Chinatown culture centre in 2003, which facilitates cultural exchange between East and West. This led organically to the establishment of a group of vegetarian restaurants in Shanghai, where her students exchange ideas over healthy food.

Frankie is lives in the UK but considers herself a global citizen.

Moving to the UK in 2010, Frankie has been restless in seeking the opportunity to forward the causes she feels passionate about. She founded Sino-British Vegetarian Society Association in 2018, an organisation which aim to encourage people to adopt environmentally friendly practices and a sustainable vegetarian lifestyle. Also in 2018, Frankie co-founded the Global Institute of Creative Thinking to promote creative thinking and education among teachers as well as young people.

Furthermore, Frankie holds several positions, including the Director of International Development at Pate's Grammar School; Member of NGO Committee on Status of Women, New York; Facilitator of the United Nation World Interfaith Harmony Week; and the Chair of the Parents League of Chinese Students In The UK Association.

The BDA is the national governing body for Dragon Boat Racing throughout Great Britain of which Frankie Lowe was a sponsor.
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Over the past 20 years, every day has been deeply fulfilling.

Frankie says she is most herself when she's working.

This video captures a day in her busy life.

Frankie says that she does not regret a single moment of her life.

I believe every experience has meaning and value. The time spent and the experiences acquired have created the most fertile soil for my ideas and actions today.”

Frankie Lowe with green shawl walking down a pavement with leaves on the ground

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