Why Foucs

  • If the Tower of Babel is given new meaning in today’s unpredictable world, it should symbolize humanity coming together once again, transcending national borders, political, religious, and cultural restrictions, to seek the best rallying cry for solving disasters and creating a more friendly coexistence on our shared planet Earth.
  • In this context, creative thinking is likely to be the new universal language that helps the new generation transcend all barriers. We believe that “thinking out of the box” is the key phrase for future education.
  • The foundation focuses on the teacher training sector in the field of creative thinking education.
  • Our Goal

Our goal is to empower every teacher with a new teaching model infused with creative thinking, injecting new energy into their educational work. All participants will be both implementers and beneficiaries of this educational transformation.

  • Our Work – the origin of GLoCT

“Rarely do we have a prophet to predict our futures, but sow the right seeds and the harvest will come”



The seed for the Global Institute of Creative Thinking started from a conversation that I had with my tutor.  We were discussing the rigid structures teachers were expected to work within and how this surely is imparted on students as they learn.

Then, as a young teacher, my eyes were opened. From this exchange of words, I learned that my future role as an educator would be to encourage my students to think for themselves. It would not be to impose limitations and boundaries on these young impressionable minds. Little did I know then that this discussion would one day form the all-important foundations for GioCT, established in 2018.

Setup as an institute in the UK, and now a registered charity, GIoCT has always stayed true to its roots, our mission remains the same, to nurture creative thinkers, empower those we teach, and inspire futures. We want to make a purposeful contribution with the seeds we plant to bring about meaningful lifelong learning. We do not own nature. We plant and nurture trees and they grow in their own diverse, unique way. How much more so with the minds of the future, each should become a masterpiece.

“Our mind-made walls alone limit our flight, but the curious heart can smell the snow lotus on the farthest mountain.”


Our Mission

To ignite minds and foster out-of-the-box thinking in educational settings across the globe, serving as the catalsyst for transformative approach to learning and leadership

Our Vision

We see a world where creative thinking is not just an asset but a universal language, bridging cultural, educational, and professional gaps to solve humanity’s greatest challenges

Since 2018, we have been hosting the Creativity in Education Summit, an annual event providing a platform for discussions and actions related to creativity in education. Educators and researchers from around the world gather to discuss trends and methodologies for fostering creative thinking and creativity development in schools.

  • Creativity in Education Summit(CES)
  • International Creative Thinking In Schools Week

In addition, we host the International Creative Thinking In Schools Week annually, inviting global educators, school leaders, policy makers, and change-makers to collectively explore the transformative power of creativity in education. Through collaboration with schools and institutions in various locations such as Paris, Shanghai, and London, we explore the development and application of innovative thinking.

  • International Creativity In Education AWARDS

We have established the International Creativity In Education AWARDS, aiming to recognize individuals and organizations at the forefront of embedding creative thinking into teaching and learning. Each award highlights creative practices in every subject area of the school curriculum. In 2024, our theme is “Creative Thinking for Climate Action,” showcasing how creative thinking is integrated into school life and focusing on how global educators and institutions use creative thinking to lead positive change, particularly in developing innovative approaches to addressing climate change.

  • Poki C

We are committed to developing the Poki C software, aimed at putting creative thinking education in your pocket. Regardless of where you are in the world, you can find inspiration and ideas from the teaching cases available in this software. Embracing AI technology, Poki C helps educators provide practical resources and design smarter lesson plans.

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