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My experiences and observations in August 1998 set in motion a determination to devote my life to education and charity.

The foundation’s belief is that every action taken here is not a new initiative; we firmly believe that the work of sowing seeds is a small action that has great impact. Act today, be proactive and be the difference that will change lives.

In the summer of 1998 China experienced the worst floods in over 44 years. That year, I was at the beginning of my teaching career, and I was working at a well-known secondary school.

As a young teacher who enjoyed using a camera and writing, I was sent by the school to conduct field investigations in the severely affected area of Changsha.

The school wanted to use my report on the disaster area experiences at the school’s reopening in September to motivate the entire school’s faculty and students to donate funds and materials to the crisis zone.

When I ventured alone into the severely flooded area, I could only rely on a rowing boat to get from one village to another, as all the roads on land were impassable due to severe muddy conditions. I found that the more difficult the environmental conditions, the more it ignited my passion to do something.

However, after two days of interviews with the locals, the light in my eyes gradually dimmed.

The adults’ responses were not what I expected:

“Without natural disasters, the harvest is not good; government financial support after a flood is more abundant. Besides, it’s so hard to farm normally.”

The children’s responses were:

“If the school is flooded, we don’t have to go to school; we can have fun together and play all day. Besides, the usual journey to and from school is long and difficult.”

Unexpectedly, I saw an area of lush green farmland. An old farmer proudly said, “Within a certain radius, my land is well maintained. As long as I diligently apply pesticides, my land will yield a good harvest. I don’t want relief; I want to rely on myself.” Walking in a field filled with the smell of pesticides, I made a compassionate vow.

Only simple sympathy, only simple donations. Perhaps nothing can change.

If I can do something with my own practical actions, then let’s do it. Is it education? Is it farmland? Is it fertilizer? Is it treating oneself kindly?

In the foundation’s projects, these questions are answered one by one.

Do the right things, and that’s right.

  • Development Philosophy


Every life can shine, and every beam of light, whether strong or weak, deserves to be seen.

As a child, I experienced a “period of disability” where I spent two years completely bedridden and unable to get out of bed.

 I have been a “failure” when I relied on various loans to support my entrepreneurial endeavors.

I have been “lost” on a journey due to lack of faith.

These are all experiences that I Frankie have been through. However, in the process of continuously organizing and participating in foundation activities, I feel that my energy has not diminished with age.

Good deeds should not just happen in one direction Charity should not just be a one-way transferral of money from the rich to the poor, or an act of kindness from the strong to the weak.

I believe that every sign of good intention, no matter how weak or small, can come together to illuminate those around us and warm the world.

  • Our work


We are creating a platform where everyone has the opportunity to participate in philanthropy and good deeds at any time, focusing on Creative thinking in education, Sustainability in life, Interfaith harmony, and Individuals with special needs.


Creative Thinking in Education

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Sustainability in Life

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Individuals With Special Needs

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Over the past 20 years, the foundation has invested over

£ 3,000,000

We are continuously expanding our network of partners and collaborating organizations, learning and adapting to better develop our strategies. Over the past 20 years, the foundation has invested over £3 million pounds across various projects and has initiated and invited over 500,000 people to participate.

people to participate.


across various projects and has initiated and invited over 

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